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Top 5 Florida Bass Fishing Guides – Around Lake Butler




The Butler Chain of Lakes is an incredible location for bass fishing trips, with plenty of great fish and beautiful scenery. There are over 30,000 lakes within the state of Florida, but this can be among the top areas for people to take bass fishing adventures. Unfortunately, there is no peacock bass fishing in Orlando, Florida, but traveling south you can catch these fish. By reading on, you can learn all about this area, as well as the top tips for fishing in the area. You can also learn about the top bass fishing guides that you can trust for the best possible experience.

Booking with Florida Bass Charter is extremely easy – 407-821-6101

Bass Fishing Guide Butler Chain Of Lakes- Captain Tim Talking about his hand poured bait- The Heart Pounder

Fishing at the Butler Lakes

Located near Windermere, there are 12 interconnected lakes that make up the Butler Chain of Lakes. This is a highly sought after location to reside, a popular place for celebrities. The lakes here are not only known for the amount of fish here but also for having high quality water. This chain of lakes covers about 4,900 acres, considered to be deep for the lakes of this area. You won’t necessarily get trophy sized catches here, but you can find nicely sized fish here. You also get a lot of bites when fishing here, which is one of the many appealing things about fishing in this area.

How did the chain in the Butler Chain of Lakes get created? This was actually a result of human activity in the area, which took place in the 19th and 20th centuries. Timber companies cut out canals in this area to make it more accessible for harvesting Cyprus and other trees in the area.

One of the most notable things about this lake is the clarity of the water. Depending on the area, you can even get visibility of 25ft. in the water. The Department of Environmental Protection considers this chain of lakes to be “Outstanding Florida Waters”, which offers it special protections that helps ensure that these lakes stay as clean as possible.

While bass fishing is popular here, this isn’t the only type of fishing that you can have success with here. This is also a great location for catching bluegill and crappie. Crappie is often found near bass, especially in the deeper areas of the Butler Chain of Lakes.

Tips for Fishing at the Butler Chain of Lakes

To be as successful as possible while fishing here, there are tips that can help you make the most of your trip. For instance, for the most part you will need to have your own fishing license before you go out on the water. A lot of people think that because they are using fishing guides, that they do not need to have a valid FWC fishing license when fishing in freshwater areas. Before you go on any guided bass fishing trip, be sure that you get your fishing license.

There are different rigs that people choose when fishing in the Butler Chain of Lakes. One of the most common options is the Texas rig. One of the reasons this is a popular choice is because this can be an ideal rig when you are dealing with a lot of grass and cover. Then, a dead sticking technique is used with the Texas rig, which is used to get slower fish as they swim by. Another option that is commonly used is the Carolina rig, which is a staple for most experienced anglers.

Which baits are the best options for catching bass? There are several types of artificial bait that can help you find more success when you are fishing for bass. When you are looking for bait, you will notice that there are seemingly endless options in any of these categories. Some great options for bait include:


These are weighted lures that usually has a skirt the creates pulses in the water to attract bass. Jigs are versatile bait options that can be used in a variety of different situations.


This type of bait generally looks like small fish or crayfish, with a lip on the front that allows it to dive better underwater.


Jerkbait actually stays on top of the water. This is a great option to use in clear water and for a variety of different situations.

Soft Baits


The versatility of these types of baits is what makes them so popular for all types of anglers.

Those are just a few of the bait options that you can choose from. You can always check the packaging or ask an expert to see what type of bait that they recommend for your fishing adventure.

You also want to be sure that you are being safe and considerate while you are on the boat. This means wearing life jackets and generally respecting the space of other people who are on the boat with you. Walk around carefully and try not to get in the way of other anglers on the boat.

These are just a few of the tips that will help you have a more successful trip out on the lakes.

The Different Lakes at Lake Butler

As previously mentioned, there are 12 lakes in this chain. This section will take a closer look at each of these individual lakes.

Lake Down

This is the northern-most lake in the chain, which has 872 acres of clear water that is perfect for fishing. Due to how exceptionally clean these waters are, this is a well-known location for getting some great bass.

Little Lake Down

Located on the west of Lake Down, this lake is accessed by a small canal that is somewhat hidden. This is an area that is known for having some nicely sized bass. It can be difficult to get here, but it can be a nice and quiet place to fish.

Wauseon Bay

The bay is a smaller body of water, which is considered a conduit between the western part of Lake Down and Lake Butler. There are plenty of options for bass fishing here, which makes it an appealing place for bass fishing.

Lake Butler

Lake Butler is the largest of the lakes in the Butler Chain of Lakes. This lake consists of 1,665 acres of prime bass fishing. If you are in the area on your own, there are plenty of spots where you can get amazing catches.

Lake Louise

Located on the canal between Lake Tibet and Lake Butler, this is a 50 acre lake.

Lake Isleworth

Only about 10 acres large, this is a smaller pool that is circular shaped and located south of Lake Louise in a canal.

Lake Chase

Located near the public ramp on Lake Isleworth, this is a lake that offers 135 acres of area for fishing.

Lake Blanche

Lake Blanche is an area that is 121 acres of shallow to deep water for bass fishing. This area is only accessible through a canal connected to Lake Chase. The deeper area at the center of this lake makes for excellent bass fishing.

Lake Tibet

Lake Tibet offers 1,198 acres of fishing area, making it the second largest lake on the chain. It is longer rather than wider, with bays on both the east and west sides of the lake. There’s a nature preserve located on the southwestern side of the lake. There are a lot of docks and deep drop-offs, making this a place where there are a lot of fish and larger fish for you to catch.

Lake Sheen

Lake Sheen is a circular lake that has 565 acres of space. The grassy areas and drowned Cyprus trees here have some of the best bass fishing on this lake.

Pocket Lake

This area of lake covers 126 acres.

Fish Lake

Fish Lake is a smaller area, which only has 30 acres. This lake is only accessible through a canal connected to Pocket Lake.

Choosing the Best Lake Butler Fishing Guides

Finding the best bass fishing guide can make a huge difference in just how great your experience is. Orlando bass fishing service 10 best-of lists can help you decide on some options. But how do you choose the best Lake Butler fishing guides for your specific needs? This section will take a closer look at some of the things that you should consider when you are deciding on the best Florida fishing guides.

One of the first things that you should consider is the price. You don’t necessarily have to automatically select the most expensive option, but you shouldn’t just go with the cheapest potion either. The cheapest fishing guides aren’t always the best guides. You would be surprised to find out how many people operate as fishing guides despite the fact that they aren’t properly bonded, licensed, or trained. In most cases, this is what you end up with when you select the cheapest option. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. You should ask to see the captain’s license information as well as their credentials to ensure that you aren’t getting a cheap guide without the proper licensing or credentials.

It’s also very important that you do your research. Read Orlando bass fishing guide reviews online to see what other people have to say about the fishing guides. Check out forums or chat rooms that talk about Lake Butler fishing guides, which can give you a lot of great insight on the options. People are always

willing to discuss experiences that are particularly bad or good, which is good for you as you are doing your research to select the best option.

You will also want to be sure that you are choosing the captain rather than just choosing a boat. The reason is that the captain can have such a significant impact on the overall experience. A captain who isn’t very personable can destroy a fishing adventure, even if the boat is pretty incredible.

Are you visiting the area and staying at a resort or on a cruise? You may be able to get recommendations for the best fishing guides from the establishment that you are staying at. They may have a few suggestions of people that they are familiar with or that past guests have had a positive experience with. They will also have a good idea of which fishing guides you should avoid.

You should always ask a lot of questions before selecting a fishing guide. What tackle and techniques does the fishing guide use? Every boat has their own approach for their fishing adventures and it’s important for you to decide on which approach you prefer. Or, just choose the captain that offers you a new approach to try out. Does the captain use catch and release or catch and keep? There are some boats that are only catch and release. Some will kill all of the fish caught and sell them. Others allow the anglers to keep the fish that they catch. It’s important to know the answer to these questions before you sign up for the fishing guide, otherwise you may have a disappointing experience.

Other questions that you should ask include:

What do I need to bring? It’s a great idea to ask this ahead of time so that you are completely prepared for your trip. Just as important, ask what items you shouldn’t bring. There may be items that are unnecessary or even prohibited.

Can I see your license and insurance information? While insurance isn’t necessarily required everywhere, this is always something nice to have to give you peace of mind while enjoying your fishing excursion.

Is there flexibility in the start time? Some places have a set start time, but you may be able to get some flexibility with that, depending on the season.

A major thing that you need to look for is that the captain has the appropriate paperwork for your adventure. This means having the necessary paperwork, such as any required permits or licenses. You also want to check for insurance. This is important because not only do you want to make sure that your captain knows what they are doing, you also want to make sure that you are protected and safe while with the fishing guide.

These are things that can help you make the most of your fishing trip. The quality of your fishing excursion can greatly depend on the fishing guide that you choose to go with. By following this advice, you can ensure that you have the best trip possible.

Top 5 Lake Butler Fishing Guides

There are so many different options for fishing guides here in the Lake Butler area, but now you know how to select the best one for your needs. It also helps to have a list of the best options to choose from. This section will take a closer look at the top options on the Butler Chain of Lakes to help make this decision a lot easier for you.

1. Florida Bass Charter – 407-821-6101

Florida Bass Charter is absolutely the top choice for fishing guides on the Butler Chain of Lakes.

One of the most appealing things about this option is that it has a U.S.C.G. approved captain (Captain Tim).  This is important to consider because depending on the water you are traveling on you need to have a properly licensed and approved captain. If you don’t, the captain is illegally running their operation. Even if this isn’t required for the type of fishing trip that you are taking, this is something important to have because it shows that the captain has the knowledge and experience to ensure the safest fishing trip.

The team at this company also have a lot of great knowledge in the area, allowing them to know where they can catch the best fish. They know the Butler Chain of Lakes by heart, making their trips to the area here and in other parts of Florida for 250 days a year. This allows the team to know exactly where to go on any specific day, increasing the chances of a fruitful adventure.

Booking with Florida Bass Charter is extremely easy. There is online booking available, allowing you to pick not only a single day but also multi-day excursions. You just need to use the convenient and easy to use online booking system to plan your trip. However, it is important to know that you are not booking with an agency; you are booking with real captains.

When you book with this team, you can trust in them because not only are they licensed and U.S.C.G. approved, but they also use the top-of-the-line fishing equipment to make sure that you can catch fish. They provide some of the best quality artificial baits that are made in Florida, which guarantee that you can get at least some bites when catching fish.

Wherever you want to go, including the incredible Butler Chain of Lakes, you can count on Florida Bass Charter to provide you with one of the best bass fishing experiences in the area. They can accommodate a variety of different charter needs, whether you want one boat or more than one to fit your needs.

2. Native Bass Fishing Charters Orlando

Native Bass Fishing Charters Orlando is another good choice for bass fishing in the Butler Chain of Lakes. Headed by Captain Austin Keaton, who has over a decade of experience in the area, this captain understands the best areas to go for the biggest bites. The captain travels using a stunning East Cape Skiff, a flats boat that was built in 2018. This is a speedy boat that can accommodate up to 3 anglers. A downside here when compared to Florida Bass Charter is that there is only one ship, which may not be able to accommodate those larger adventures.

One of the areas that this fishing guide excels at is nighttime fishing excursions. You can try to catch largemouth bass at night, but you get the added benefit of seeing the fireworks show that occurs at the nearby theme parks.

You have access to some great fishing gear when on this trip. This includes a variety of primarily artificial bait, though there sometimes is live bait that you can make use of as well. There are different options available, allowing you to get the fishing experience that you really want to enjoy.

3. Makin Big Bass Memories

Want to take a small family trip to the Butler Chain of Lakes for fishing? This fishing guide accommodates up to 3 people for a nice day enjoying these gorgeous lakes. The captain of this guide is Captain Justin Makin, who has lived in Florida for his entire life. He has been bass fishing in the state for over 40 years, which provides him with a lot of incredible knowledge for fishing in the area. He wants to not only have people make great memories while fishing on his boat, but he also loves to educate his passengers on the best approaches for catching bass.

This fishing guide uses a 20 ft. Triton bass boat, which offers enough power to have a great trip on the

Butler Chain of Lakes. Using the latest technology, the equipment ensures that you have the safest trip possible. This gear also allows for trolling on the trip, in addition to spinning and drift fishing. You can also get access to some pretty great gear, meaning that you don’t have to worry about bringing along any of your fishing gear for your fishing excursion.

Anglers of any age and skill level can have a great experience while fishing with Makin Big Bass Memories. However, this may not be the best option if you are taking a larger group out with you as it does only accommodate 3 other anglers.

4. Martin Family Charters

This is a family-oriented fish experience that can accommodate up to 5 passengers. No matter what your skill level is when it comes to fishing, you can have a decent experience when you trust Martin Family Charters with your next fishing trip. Headed by Captain Tim Martin, you can enjoy a day out on a 24 ft. Sea Born center console. The captain has a lot of knowledge when it comes to both freshwater and saltwater fishing in the area. The captain encourages and welcomes questions that can help the anglers on his ship enjoy the best possible experience.

This fishing guide only offers 3 and 5 hour trips, which primarily covers the freshwater areas to catch largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and the other fish that can be caught on the Butler Chain of Lakes and other lakes in the area. You get decent quality bait, tackle, rods, and anything else that you could need to have a great fishing experience with your fishing guide.

There are some downsides to this. You don’t have the group accommodation that can be found with Florida Bass Charter and you can only book for a few hour excursions. If you want a quick trip out for the afternoon, this may not be that big of a deal. However, if you want more time out you may want to find another option.

5. Florida Bass Connection

Headed by Captain Philip Hartman, this fishing guide option does only accommodate 3 passengers. This captain has been fishing from a very young age and has spent over 40 years fishing in the central Florida lakes. Prior to becoming a captain of a charter, this captain had made a name for himself in fishing tournaments. This experience as a tournament angler can help his passengers get the knowledge and advice that they need to make the most out of the experience.

The boat used for this fishing guide is the 23 ft. Skeeter Bay Boat, which gives the power and speed that is necessary to get around this area. The boat itself has some of the best navigational equipment available today, something that ensures that the trip is as safe as possible. This fishing guide has both 4 and 6 hour trips available, where they provide the gear that you need to make the most of the experience. There is artificial bait that is included in the cost of the trip, or you can pay an extra $15 per dozen to use live bait if that is your preference.

If you are traveling with a larger group, this may not be the best choice that you have. They also only do morning and afternoon excursions, which may not fit into your travel plans while you are in the area.


Largemouth bass fishing Orlando can be an even more incredible experience when you take one of these top 5 Lake Butler fishing guides. People go fishing to enjoy a day out in the beautiful nature, relaxing as they try to catch a fish. However, it isn’t just about catching a fish. It’s also about the experience of connecting with others while getting fresh air. It’s about making memories. The right fishing guide can help you have the best time and make the greatest memories.

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Top 5 Florida Bass Fishing Guides for Lake Tohopekaliga



  1. Florida Bass Charter – 407-821-6101 One of the top choices in the whole state of Florida is Captain Tim and his crew of very knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced anglers. Captain Tim is a United States Coast Guard certified Bass Charter. Fishing is Captain Tim’s job and his passion. When he is not a guide, he is fishing at the professional level, all over Florida. Not only is Captain Tim one of the top fishing guides, but he also owns a well-known, popular bait and tackle shop, “Get Hooked Magic Baits”. 
Captain Tim – Florida Bass Charter Guide Service

Lake Tohopekaliga, also known as Lake Toho, is located near Kissimmee, Florida. The locals refer to it as West Lake, or simply, Toho. The lake is the largest in Osceola County, covering 22,700 acres and spanning 42 miles. Lake Toho is the primary inflow of Shingle Creek and is bordered by Kissimmee on the northern shore and Kissimmee Park on the eastern shore.

Lake Toho is best known for birdwatching and bass fishing. There are also some beautiful sight-seeing spots nearby, at Kissimmee Park. At the north end of Lake Toho, you will find Lakefront Park. There is a gorgeous walking path with benches. Visitors to the area will also enjoy alligators, waterfowl, turtles, and other wildlife. There is also a stunning lighthouse, a playground for the kids, and the Marina, located on Lake Toho’s west end.

You will learn everything you need to know about Lake Tohopekaliga and the extreme bass fishing in the area. We will provide you with some great tips for fishing in the area, along with the five best bass fishing guides for the Lake Toho area. 

Big Bass on the Florida Bass Charter Boat

Fishing at Lake Tohopekaliga

For decades, Lake Toho has had an excellent reputation among professional and recreational anglers. Lake Toho has produced trophy-sized largemouth bass for many years. The lake received National recognition in 2001 during a bass tournament. An experienced angler snagged a 108-pound trophy bass, breaking the B.A.S.S tournament record. 

Lake Toho went through extensive rehabilitation during the spring of 2004. 8.4 million yards of vegetation and material were removed from over 3500 acres of the lake bottom. The restoration was done to enhance the shoreline habitat for the trophy bass and other wildlife. 

Lake Tohopekaliga came from the nearby Seminole Indians. It is said by the Florida Wildlife Commission that is every 10 acres of Lake Toho; there is one largemouth bass that weighs over 10-pounds. In the Bassmaster magazine, Lake Toho is dubbed “the most consistent lake in the country for producing both numbers and trophy bass.”

Tips for fishing on Lake Tohopekaliga

A large portion of Lake Toho bass fishing is centered around hydrilla. Hydrilla is native to India and was introduced to bodies of water in Florida between 1950 and 1951. By the mid-1970s, it was throughout Florida waters. Hydrilla has stems that are up to 20-feet long and can grow to the water’s surface as deep as 25-feet. Hydrilla can grow in a large variety of conditions; in almost all freshwater systems, lakes, marshes, springs, and ditches. 

Hydrilla is a prohibited plant, not recommended by UF/IFAS. It is on the USDA Noxious Weed List and the Florida Prohibited Plant List. Every year in Florida, millions of dollars are spent on herbicides and mechanical harvesters to place the hydrilla under ‘maintenance control.’ It is considered a category one invasive species. Hydrilla can displace native plant communities. It may make your bass fishing a little bit challenging, but it will not harm you in any way during your fishing excursions. 

Locating the bass among the hydrilla is a definite challenge. Anglers need to find a hydrilla that looks alive. There will be minnows and birds in the area. Anglers will want to use moving baits, such as; lipless crankbaits, swimbaits, jerk baits, and trolled shiners. These baits can cover large areas efficiently. 

Anglers will want to note the circumstance in which they catch their bass and recreate it each time. It may take you a while to divide the large areas of hydrilla, but I assure you, it will be well worth it. Because Lake Toho is shallow, the bass in the area is affected more by the water and weather conditions than in any other lake. December through April, the shiners catch the majority of the trophy bass. They do this using flukes, swimbaits, plastic crawfish, and lipless crankbaits by anchoring 1-4 feet of water. 

You stand a better chance of catching fish with topwater baits, swimbaits, jerk baits, and lipless crankbaits on Lake Toho in the early mornings. Use a worm or a crayfish-like bait in the hydrilla during mid-day. Baitfish may attract bass when you fish in areas of running water. During the summer months, you can do your fishing on Big Grassy Island, Lanier Point, or Browns Point. These are a couple of widespread grasslands on the north end of Lake Toho. 

The different areas at Lake Tohopekaliga

Lake Toho is one of the lakes in the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. Being located next to Kissimmee, Florid, it is the second-largest lake in the chain. Below are a few of the hot spots on Lake Tohopekaliga that are home to largemouth bass. 

Area #1. Lake Runnymede Canal: it is said that largemouth bass can be found throughout the canal’s entire length. The fishing is best in the late spring and early fall. If you fish along the banks, use jerk baits, vibrating lures, and topwater plugs due to the mass amount of hydrilla. 

Area #2. Boy Scout Camp: There is a deep hole just off of the camp where bass hides out. Cast a crankbait around the drop-off or troll a live shiner 30-yards behind a boat. Silver/black lures are the most popular in this area during the summer months. Use your live shiners close to the bottom, which is about 16-feet deep. 

Area #3. The Fells Cove: The entrance of this cove has bass at all times of the year. Anglers fish this area with lipless crankbaits in the open water or plastic worms by the weed line. Fishing is best when a current is coming in, continuing 25-50 yards into the canal.

Area #4. The Mouth of Lake Ajay: Here, it is best to catch bass after a spring or summer rain. Schools of bullhead catfish and bass are attracted to the running water. They respond best to live baits or artificials in this area. 

Area #5. The Lily Pads: This is along the shores of Fells Cove. You can find many basses hanging out in this area during the cooler months of the year. Anglers seem to have the best luck along the vegetation at 4-6 feet deep, using plastic worms. finding

Choosing a Fishing Guide

Bass fishing is challenging, exciting, and a load of fun. But, with a local fishing guide, your bass fishing experience will be 10x better. With so many fishing guides and charters listed, how do you know which one to choose? Below, you will find some tips on finding the best fishing guide for the area you are going to fish. There are things to consider and many questions to ask. 

Depending on your budget and the time of year you plan to take your fishing trip, you will want to book your fishing guide months in advance. Most of the charters are extremely busy at certain times of the year, so the sooner you book them, the better. The first thing you are going to want to look at is the price of their packages. Just because they are the most expensive doesn’t mean they are the best. In the same terms, just because they are the cheapest doesn’t mean they are a lousy fishing guide. Fishing guides are required to be licensed, insured, and bonded. Suppose the price seems too good to be true. Unfortunately, there are ‘guides’ out there who are doing it illegally, for the money, not to help visitors have a spectacular fishing experience. 

Never be afraid to check with the captain of a guide service or charter. Feel free to ask for their license, credentials, and insurance. If they are legitimate, then they will have no problem showing you these items. As with every vacation that you go on, you always do research on the area and the attractions available at your visit. It is the same when going on a fishing trip. You want to do extensive research on the location, what they have to offer, and check out all the area’s fishing guides. Read the reviews that are on their websites. Look at the forums or chat rooms for the charter; people are always willing to share their experiences. 

When you are looking for a local fishing guide, you want to focus on the captain, not the boat! You want someone personable, friendly, and patient. The captain will make or break your fishing experience. If they do not have a good attitude, extensive knowledge, and do not seem helpful, you will probably have a bad experience. When you book your accommodations, ask if they have any recommendations regarding what fishing guide you should use. You can also call the marina or the local bait and tackle shops. 

You want to make sure you ask all the right questions before booking your fishing guide. If you are taking kids, you want to make sure they are kid-friendly. You should also ask what techniques they use, their main tackle options, and whether they catch and release or catch and keep. You need to figure out which approach (technique) you want to use and find a guide service that caters to that. Most reputable guide services do many styles. You want to have the best experience possible. Some charters will even clean and fillet the fish for you at the end of the trip. 

You will also want to make sure you find out what you need to bring with you. The majority of fishing guides provide rods, reels, tackle, life jackets, and drinks and ice. Beyond that, you will have to bring what you need (food or snacks). Ask them for items that are prohibited on their boat. Many of them do not want you to bring alcohol, but if you’re going to bring your rod and reel, that is usually okay with the fishing guide. 

The quality of your bass fishing adventure is going to depend on the fishing guide that you choose. Do in-depth research on each charter in the area, call the fishing guide, talk to them on the phone, and ask for references when you call to make your accommodation reservations. 

Top 5 Lake Tohopekaliga Fishing Guides

Now that you know how to choose the best fishing guide let us give you the top 5 for the Lake Toho area. We will get you started on your research and help you pick the perfect captain to take you out for the experience of a lifetime. 

  1. Florida Bass Charter – 407-821-6101

One of the top choices in the whole state of Florida is Captain Tim and his crew of very knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced anglers. Captain Tim is a United States Coast Guard certified Bass Charter. Fishing is Captain Tim’s job and his passion. When he is not a guide, he is fishing at the professional level, all over Florida. Not only is Captain Tim one of the top fishing guides, but he also owns a well-known, popular bait and tackle shop, Get Hooked Magic Baits. 

Captain Tim and his team use top-of-the-line equipment and fishing gear at all times. He also guarantees that you will get your money back if you do not catch a fish with a wild shiner. Whether you want one boat, five boats, or 30 boats, Tim and his crew can accommodate. Captain Tim and his team specialize in live bait or artificial trips. With an abundance of five-star reviews, how can you go wrong with Florida Bass Charter? The whole crew is outstanding, extremely experienced, and spends at least 250 days a year on the water. 

Spending a day with Captain Tim and his co-workers is like spending a day with family. There are laughs, memories created, and a lot of basses that are caught. Every crew member is friendly, patient, and just wants you to have the ultimate bass fishing experience. 

  1. Gators Big Bad Bass Guide Service

Captain Dean and his crew have a spectacular fishing guide service for the Kissimmee area. One big plus with Captain Dean; if you do not catch multiple basses during your trip, then the trip is free. For over 27 years, Gators has guided clients to thousands of trophy bass. They will take you to West Lake Toho, Lake Cypress, Butler Chain of Lakes, or Kissimmee, just to name a few.

Gators offer artificial trips or wild shiner fishing trips. Anyone is welcome on Gator’s boat. They have worked with many first-time bass anglers, including women and children. Gators have also taken many seasoned anglers out on the Florida waters to catch trophy bass. Everyone on Captain Dean’s crew is friendly, knowledgeable and will ensure that everyone has a grand time on the water. 

Rods and reels are free to use when you book a trip with Captain Dean. Gators also offer free ice & drinks, a photo of your catch, a big fish prize pack, and more. 

  1. AJs Bass Guides

The guides at AJs fish Lake Toho and surrounding areas on a full-time basis; they all enjoy fishing, even when they are not on the clock as a guide. Their trips start at just $195; they specialize in trophy bass, holding the record for the two most prominent basses ever caught. One of the bass weighed in at 16 pounds 10 ounces, and the other bass was 15 pounds 8 ounces. James Jackson is the leader of AJs Bass Guides. They have been in the businesses since 1970. James is a Coast Guard licensed Captain, as are most of the fishing guides in the area. 

AJs Bass Guides recommend fishing with shiners, even if you usually use artificials. They prefer to go out in the early mornings, when fishing is prime, especially during the summer months. Depending on which package you choose, certain things are included. All packages include; kids 12 and under are free, all gear, gas, and tackle are included in your package’s price. James recommends bringing anything you would like to eat during the excursion. They provide ice and soda for the trip. If you prefer water or something else, you will need to bring it with you. 

  1. PS Bass Guide Service

Captain Paul, a retired Sergeant Major from the United States Army, has been fishing since he was a young boy. When he retired in 2011, he did so in Florida and has helped vacationers catch trophy bass ever since. With his military background, a leader in Boy Scouts of America, and as a father, he has the patience that a guide needs to make the fishing trip enjoyable and memorable, especially for beginners. 

Captain Paul excels at taking anglers of all ages and stages and teaching them multiple ways to catch largemouth bass. It is safety first with Captain Paul, whether he is taking visitors on a nature ride, a basic cruise of the area, or fishing trips. You will take your guided trip on his 2013 FX20 Skeeter Bot. He ensures you will have a fun-filled, memorable fishing experience. He offers ½ day, ¾ day, for full-day fishing trips. Included in the package price; drinks, digital photos, lured, rods, reels & free pick-up and drop-off. 

  1. Art of Fishing Guide Service

Led by Professional bass angler Art Ferguson, he has been a fishing guide since 1991. Mr. Ferguson offers guided trips on Lake Toho, Orlando/Kissimmee, Butler Chain of Lakes, Harris Chain of Lakes, and other locations. Art guides in Florida during the winter months and in Michigan during the spring and summer months. While Art was fishing in the 1990 Bassmasters Classic, he was offered a job at Roland Martin’s Marina.

Art provides everything for your guided fishing trip, except for lunch and drinks. He does have a built-in cooler on his Tritan that will hold several sandwiches and beverages. Art provides Shimono reels, Kistler Custom Rods, and Sunline fishing line. You are more than welcome to bring your rod and reel—some other items you may wish to obtain; sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, and your camera. Art is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. He is even willing to pick out your vacation accommodations; all you have to do is ask when you call and book your trip. 

Final Thoughts

Bass fishing is exhilarating, fun, and challenging no matter where you go. But, if you will be staying and fishing around the Kissimmee area, then definitely contact one of the fantastic fishing guides above to make your bass fishing experience even more enjoyable and memorable. Chock-full of experience, expertise, and kindness; you can not go wrong with any of the above. 

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Fishing Willow Beach – Catch Fish Near Las Vegas




Can You Fish at Willow Beach?

Willow Beach is a long-time classic fishing destination. It’s a part of Lake Mohave on the Colorado River. The black rock canyons are just below Hoover dam and are part of Lake Mead National Park. Its Cold waters are on the north of Lake Mohave.

I’m going to share stuff here that you won’t find anywhere else.

Back in the day, they used to catch huge
rainbow trout out of that little beach. I remember when I was a kid they had a café in by where the
store is. Other Species we caught were Carp, Catfish, and Bass.

Inside the café, we used to go there to eat breakfast in the mornings before we went
fishing or we would go fishing early and come to the café after a couple of hours of fishing.
Inside the café.

The walls were lined with hundreds of pictures of anglers with their catch. These
were all rainbow trout at the time and you had to have a trout over 5 pounds to get on the wall.

There were also taxidermy trout on the walls along with other wildlife that you can find in the
area. If I remember right there was a bighorn ram mount at the front entrance.

Later on, as I grew up in the 80s and 90s the decor changed a little bit. The trout pictures were still on the wall
but the trophy at the front of the store was in a case and it changed to a striped bass.

Around this time striped bass got out of Lake Mead into the river system. They had a heyday eating up

Because of that, they grew to enormous sizes. I can’t remember exactly but I seem to
recall a striped bass in the display case that was over 60 pounds if I remember right.

This place is the iconic big fish travel destination. There have been people coming here for decades to
catch big fish whether they be trout or striped bass.

I took a 100 person survey on facebook if people like bass fishing best or trout fishing best. Here’s the results.


Can You Swim at willow beach?

There is no swimming allowed at the marina but if you go outside the buoys you can swim. You should be warned that the water is ice cold year around though.

Do I need an Arizona fishing license to fish at Willow Beach?

There is a lot of confusion unless you already know about whether you need a license to fish at
Willow Beach or not.

First of all yes you do need a license to fish at Willow Beach. However, if
you have a Nevada license that will work as well.

It doesn’t matter if you are on a boat or on
the shore as long as you have a Nevada or an Arizona license you are good to go.

Do I need a stamp for Arizona or Nevada at Willow Beach?

The answer is
no. Some time ago they did away with the stamps. Now when you buy the license it is included
with the license if you get it in Nevada or Arizona does not matter.

Do I need a trout stamp at Willow Beach?

Again the answer is no. Back in the day you
used to have to buy a trout stamp but nowadays that is included with the license as well no
matter which state you come from Arizona or Nevada.

Photo Angler Place Date More Info
alt Darren Enns Willow Beach 04/10/2021 More Info
alt Victor Jr. Lake Mead 06/21/2021 More Info
alt Earl Rohn Willow Beach 06/15/2021 More Info
alt Martin McElroy Echo Bay 06/17/2021 More Info

Do I need a stamp for a second pole at Willow Beach?

Once again the answer to that is no. It is
included with the license and you can have up to two poles but a maximum number of three hooks
between the two poles.

So I usually fish one pole with one hook in the other pole with two
At the end of this article, I will give you a willow beach fishing Report for 2021

Can I catch striped bass at Willow Beach?

The answer is absolutely yes you can.

What are the
recommendations for catching striped bass?

Well you can do it similar to the way you do it in
Lake Mead- bait fishing with anchovies that are frozen.

Cut them in thirds and put them
on a standard worm hook. Use about 1 ounce of weight and toss them out there about as far as
you can get them.

If you are on a boat you can do the same thing or you can go upstream a ways and float down slowly with an anchovy on the hook slightly above the bottom.

recommended way to catch striped bass is using baits that mimic baitfish. Either a lure that
mimics a shad or one that mimics a trout or even bluegill.

These are terrific to use because
the bass and the striped bass love to eat these smaller fish, especially trout.

In case you did not know trout are stocked at Willow Beach every Friday. When this happens it’s like buffet time for
the striped bass. This would be a good time to throw out a swim bait that looks like a trout.

last but not least you can use live bait which you can get from my buddy mike

Can I catch trout at Willow Beach?

Again the answer to this is an astounding yes.

How do you catch trout at Willow Beach? I would suggest the old standby Berkeley power bait and fish
somewhere around the picnic area by the store or the fishing pier over by the hatchery.

Probably the best place to catch trout. Anywhere in between that is able to be official legally is
good as well. If you have a boat or kayak you can go up or downstream and fish The coves. The
trout like to hang out in there as well and you can catch some real big trout at Willow Beach.

Both of my sons have caught 5-pound trout there. In case you were wondering yes this was
recently it was 2020.

My son Lorin at Willow Beach – This Rainbow Trout was caught on a Berkley Mousetail

I know the best do you eat the trout but the hatchery also put out some
very large ones for the anglers to catch. You can also use lures like spinners for trout and even
jerk baits that are semi-small.

Another popular soft bait or mouse tails made by Berkley. Also,
regular old nightcrawlers are a great option. You can get them from my friend mike

Marshmallows are a good bait for trout as well. Some people use the garlic-flavored ones made
specifically for fishing but the little colorful marshmallows that you put in your hot cocoa do a
nice job too. (the garlic flavored ones give me bad breath)

Lastly, a super very good option is wax worms or mealworms that you can get at
the store at Willow Beach. Keep in mind Arizona time is different than Nevada time most of the
year and the store closes fairly early.

My Son Jerren. His Beautiful Rainbow trout was Caught on a nightcrawler available in LasVegas Here

What are some Willow Beach fishing tips?

The first tip I would give you is to try to fish in the off
hours to beat the crowds.

A lot of people go down to Willow Beach If you try to go during a holiday weekend you are
going to fight for elbow room. I would say if you go in the morning during the week that would be
a terrific time.

Ethan Enns fishing on the pier at Willow Beach during an off time when there are not too many crowds

It doesn’t matter if you are going just to kayak or if you are fishing, the middle of
the week is a good time.

Late in the evening is also a good time. Only the most diehard
fisherman are out there after about 10 PM so getting a spot is not so hard except maybe on the
weekends. They do have a very nice fishing pier at Willow Beach and it’s quite large but in the
late summer, there’s a lot of grass around the pier so it’s kind of difficult to fish.

If you are going to fish the pier in the late summer you are going to want some sort of gear that you can cast out
very far. This will get you out past the grass and give you a better chance of getting a striper.

Mouse tails and wax worms seem to do the best on trout if you can see them. Plop one of these
baits in front of them and you can usually get their attention with it especially the wax worms
and regular worms.

The best piece of advice I can give you if you want to catch trout is to go
there on Friday morning. Prepare for heavy traffic along the shore because a lot of people know
that the department of wildlife stocks Willow Beach at the ramp on Friday mornings at about eight.

Watch out for the no fishing signs. You need to stay in the designated fishing areas which are a
little ways away from the docs. If you are fishing for striped bass this is a good time too.
Because the stripers come in to eat the trout. Putting something out there that looks like a trout
is a good bet during this time.

A Colorado River Rainbow Trout caught off the fishing pier at Willow Beach south of Hoover Dam. Caught on Berkley Power Bait. Orange

Willow Beach trout stocking schedule 2021

All I can tell you is that they stock Willow Beach at about 8:00 AM every Friday morning. There
are occasions when that schedule is changed for example during Covid lockdowns they did not
stock for quite a long time.

There may be other reasons why they don’t stock for example if it is
a holiday. Other than that they are pretty regular about it.

Willow Beach Fishing Guides

There are fishing guides that will take you fishing at Willow Beach. The one I recommend is
Travis Pitt Bass Experience.

Tell him Darren from FishinMoney sent you.

Willow Beach Fishing Report 2021

It’s willow beach. itseveryones favorite place to go get skunked. However if you follow the tips I give in this article you can also hit one out of the park. Oh and if you land-a big one, make sure to stop at the Willow Beach General Store and put your name on the board! and Tell em FishinMoney sent Ya!

That’s my boy at the bottom Hey Who else shows you this stuff? That’s Right FishinMoney got your 6.

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