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What are the Different Types of Fishing Reels?




As an angler, a committed one, it is important you know of the difference between different types of reels. In selecting the perfect fishing reel for your use, it is crucial you know that which suits you and your fishing endeavors. Immediately you know the rod you want to purchase; the next step is to consider the reel to adopt.

There are three main types of fishing reels available on the market which are: baitcasting reels, spinning reels and spincast reels.

If you are not sure how to go about finding the ideal reel, or you don’t know what are the types of reels that are out there, this article will give you an insight in that regard. You also get to have in-depth knowledge about the primary types of fishing reels present in the fishing world. Sit back, relax and assimilate each details of this content as we fill you in on the types of reels.

Learn more about the best baitcasting reel which is quite affordable for all.

What are the Different Types of Fishing Reels?

As an angler, you must have an in-depth knowledge of the primary types of reels; this could be beneficial to your fishing profession because this variety of reels are beneficial in diverse types of fishing. An angler who has done his homework about different types of reels would know that bass fishing is performed with a baitcasting reel and not a spinning reel; such a person would also know that saltwater fishing is mainly performed with saltwater fishing reels.

There exist three primary types of fishing reels, spinning, spincast, and baitcast. All three fishing reels are designed with similar principles; casting a line in the desired direction. But each type also has diverse functions and features. Being aware of each, differences, and features will assist you in making a wise decision when choosing a fishing reel for your fishing adventure.


Baitcasting Reels:

This reel is one of the most popular and the most advanced types of reel out there. The baitcasting fishing reel is often regarded as the “big boys ” reel simply because it is mostly adopted by professional anglers and not a novice like the spincast reel.

Novice anglers asking often shy away from using this reel because it requires lots of skills and experience to effectively cast them. With this reel, the bait spins as the line is ejected. Though baitcasters are often hard to master compared to spinning reels and spincasting reels, this type of reel offers the best casting distance and accuracy. So, once you get accustomed to this efficient reel, you’ll enjoy it because it’ll help you enhance your fishing game. A baitcaster also offers its users a fast and strong retrieve, which makes them the ideal choice when going after powerful, bigger, and heavier fishes like bass fish, etc.

Though this reel provides its users with the best accuracy and casting distance, one of the most unpleasant downsides of this reel is its susceptibility to backlashing and line tangles. You really have to be in charge of feeding out the line with the aid of your thumb when utilizing a baitcaster. Due to the advanced design this reel comes with, it is quite expensive unlike the spinning reel and the spincasting reel. Baitcasters are also known to be designed with larger range of gear ratios available. Though, irrespective of the fact that a baitcaster isn’t cheap, you can find baitcasters under $100.


Spinning Reels:

No doubt, a spinning reel is the most popular type of fishing reel out there. This type of reel comes with an open-faced design and it is very user-friendly; in other words, easy to cast, unlike the baitcasters. A spinning reel is often utilized by beginners because it is very easy to use and operate. Spinning reels cast easily, they are very accurate and they can cast further than spincasting reels.

This type of reel also boasts of a great line capacity; this denotes that you can place a good amount of line on it. You can also purchase this reel with an additional spool which makes changing it quite easy even when you are out on the water. This reel is designed with a fixed spool that allows the line to flow on the cast without interruption; thus, making an ideal choice for light lures. The reel suspends under the rod, so it has a cool and balanced feeling. A spinning reel is perfect for experienced anglers because they can be complicated to use sometimes, especially for beginners.

Although spinning reels were designed to make longer casts and are also accurate compared to the spincasting reels, they are pretty expensive. Also, spinning reels aren’t really effective when being used with heavier lines. There exist several types and models of this reel, and an angler, it’s best you adopt that model which you feel would serve you better.

If you are a novice angler, it is recommended that you go for either a spinning reel or a spincast reel because they are more user-friendly than the baitcaster. If you are keen on adopting the baitcaster, there is no crime in trying, with the aid of some videos and mentorship you can eventually master the use of a baitcaster and enjoy the benefits that comes with this fishing gear.


Spincast Reels:

This reel features a close face; you’ll find all the significant components inside, beneath a nose cone. The fishing line of this reel is always fed out of a little opening in the lid. There exist a button located behind the reel which you hold down when making forward casts. While casting, when you hold down the button, the line comes out, and when you do otherwise, the line stops.

This type of reel is user-friendly, which is why most beginning anglers choose to adopt it. You won’t have to worry about the tendency of backlashes with this type of reel, and there exists no chance of issues relating to twisted lines. The spincast reel is also regarded as the less expensive amongst the other fishing reels. The downside of this reel is that it isn’t really accurate and it doesn’t have a long casting distance.

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What is the Best Cheap Baitcasting Reel on Amazon?




Because baitcasters come with the latest technological design, they are often quite expensive. An average angler would find it hard to purchase a baitcaster because of the price tag they bare. Spinning reels and spincast reels are cheap compared to baitcasters; which is one of the reasons, amongst others, why novice anglers tend to always go for this reel.

The best baitcasting reel which is quite cheap and affordable is definitely CB8 due to the fact that it is very reliable, smooth, has good breaking system, very durable, lightweight and has a good price tag.

Anglers who can’t afford the expensive baitcasters often go for cheaper alternatives or they go after other types of fishing reels. There are actually inexpensive reels under $100 that are quite effective as some expensive reels which are sold above $100.

Learn more about different types of reels available on the market.

Well, if you decide to make this an open question to all anglers, you’ll observe that the answers you get from each of them will differ. Before we go into details concerning which reel performs well and is affordable, it’s best you have a little insight on what a baitcasting reel is; including features that makes it quite expensive.

What is the Best Cheap Baitcasting Reel?


CB8 Reel Review:

You can check this reel on Amazon by clicking on this Link.

This baitcasting is designed to offer premium performance at a terrific value. The 10 corrosion resistance bearing of this reel offers an ultra-smooth feel, while the sturdy carbon fiber drag system offers smooth even pressure. The external modifiable magnetic brake component lessens backlashes and is very easy to modify. Its impressive aluminum primary gear and crank shaft are 60% weightless than brass, and also adds to the lightweight performance of the CB8. 

You can get the CB8 baitcaster in both left and right hand retrieve as well as different gear ratios, and is perfect for most baitcasting strategies and application. From ignoring your cherished jig, to cranking, flipping and pitching, etc, the CB8 collections of baitcasting reels will surpass your expectations with its impressive features, quality, and excellent design you have come to love in casting reels being very costly.

Priced at just above $60 this reel comes with several features which are:

  • 9 stainless steel ball bearing including anti-reverse bearing smooth, strong, and corrosion resistant.
  • Oversized user-friendly EVA handle knobs, easy and lightweight.
  • Smooth and strong fibre carbon drag mechanism
  • Strong brass pinion gear, durable and smooth.
  • External modifiable magnetic brakes, accurate and user-friendly.
  • Machined aluminum spool, durable and lightweight.
  • Aluminum spool tension knob and star drag, strong and lightweight
  • Lightweight graphite frame and sideplate.

If you are an angler who has a strict budget but yet dream of acquiring a good baitcasting reel, you can go for the above-mentioned Cadence CB8 Baitcasting reel. This reel is capable of providing you with the best casting services, and you can acquire it for a cheap price compared to other expensive baitcasters.

Baitcasting Reels:

A baitcaster is a unique type of reel that allows fishermen adopt larger lures and more precise strategy while they are fishing. While a spinning reel which comes with a lightweight design which may be easier to configure, baitcasters are capable of providing you with more control of your lures and casts, enabling you to fish with more accuracy and success.

Baitcasters are known to be quite complex and tough to utilize. But the construction of this reel is very simple. Baitcasters are often utilized by professional anglers because they require a high level of expertise and experience. There are several types of fishing reel utilized for several purposes. The saltwater fishing reel is used for saltwater fishing while freshwater fishing reel are used for saltwater fishing, amongst few others.

Tension Knob:

To begin fishing with a baitcasting reel, you will have a tension knob that propels tension onto the spool. This allows the spool to spin freely or prevents it from spinning. You also utilize the tension knob before you cast to modify your tension. The next piece of a baitcaster is the brake. Baitcasting reels can either come with centrifugal or magnetic brakes. You can utilize these when casting and they can be easily modified to meet your needs.

Many Individuals shy away from utilizing baitcaster reel because they have the ability to backlash, compared to other types of reels. But, learning how to overcome backlash either by properly setting up and utilizing them or buying anti-backlash reels, can make this an insignificant issue altogether.

These reels offer many benefits to counteract this one cons. For beginners, you can make use of a heavier line on a baitcaster reel since the line will come out direct via the line guide and also via the rod guides. There is always little line tangles, which could be harmful your casting, and you can make both long and short casts as well. Baitcasters basically boasts of more power. The impressive way a baitcaster is designed allows you to utilize more power, torque, and control on your casts. The distance and speed of your lures can to some extent be controlled, allowing you to fish precisely the location you want to fish in.

Factors to Consider While Choosing:

There exist several factors you should take a look at when choosing the best anti-backlash reel. For beginners, consider the brand. And if you discover that its too expensive, find a cheaper alternative. Several manufacturers make reels with features that may be useful or may not be to you, while others provide long-term warranties. Consider the braking system of the baitcasting reel. A baitcaster with a magnetic system will be very cheap and quite easy to learn, but a baitcaster that comes with a centrifugal brake system, which functions in a more manual way, will allow you to properly change with more accuracy.

Take the speed of your reel into consideration as well, this will reduce torque and offer good performance. Ultimately, ensure you pay rapt attention to your reel bearings. A baitcaster that doesn’t have the max number of line will not perform well, you may be required to crank more or harder to reel in the line. This can also have a huge effect on your casting ability.

Having had a little insight on what a baitcaster is, it’s best we go back to the question “What is the best and cheapest baitcaster?” Well, in my opinion, the Cadence CB8 Baitcasting reel is the best from cheapest baitcasting reel around. Let’s take a clear look at this baitcaster.

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How Do You Use a Baitcaster Rod?




Most anglers make use of traditional spinning gear because the baitcasting rod isn’t that easy to use. With time these set of individuals switch from the traditional spinning gear to the baitcasting after learning how to use it properly.

  • Find The Location Of Your Braking System
  • Adjust Your Braking System
  • Adjust The Tension Knobs
  • Test Your Tension
  • Hold Your Baitcaster
  • Release Your Line
  • Release Your Spool And Cast

How Do You Use a Baitcaster Rod?

Find The Location Of Your Braking System:

The braking system is that element which reduces the spinning of the spool at the initial instance when you release the bait. The braking system helps to prevent backlash, which takes place when the spool rotates more than the ejecting line.

Assuming you are adopting a centrifugal braking system for this guide; find the braking system on the baitcaster and remove the side plate just opposite the handle of the reel. And if you are adopting an alternate system, which is the magnetic braking system, you basically have to modify the knob.

Adjust Your Braking System:

To do this, you can either engage your breaks by driving the inner levers forward, or you can disengage them by driving the braking levers far away from the middle. Disengaging your brakes enables you to make long casts, but by so doing, you’ll be more prone to backlash.

Adjust The Tension Knobs:

You can find the tension knobs located on the same side as the reel handle. This part of a baitcaster helps raise the tension being transmitted to the spool. Tension knobs play a significant role at the end of your cast. If you wish to tighten your tension knob, rotate the knob clockwise; you can as well release it by rotating it anti-clockwise.

Your tension knob should be adjusted with respect to the weight you are adopting for baitcasting.

Test Your Tension:

To put your tension to test, start by holding the end of your rod. Disengage by activating the release button of the spool; this button is situated at the end of your spool. Modify your tension knob until you observe that the bait has fallen gently to the ground without any signs of a backlash.

Hold Your Baitcaster:

To hold your baitcaster properly, grasp your prevalent hand around the handle of the rod and the reel. Ensure that your thumb is placed on the spool eject button and the spool. This ensures that you make a proper cast by disengaging your spool.

Release Your Line:

Ejecting the appropriate amount of line will ensure that you make a perfect cast. For a novice, i recommend that you allow about 8-12 inches of the line to hang loose prior casting. Ensure that you measure the line from the top of the rod to the bait.

Release Your Spool And Cast:

You can eject your spool by activating the spool eject button, and quickly placing your hand on the spool so that the line won’t run aggressively. For a casting strategy, do whatever you have in mind.

Always remember to use a heavy break when starting, this will ensure that you make shorter casts which are quite comfortable. You will also want to change hands post-casting so that you can reel with your prevalent hand. Immediately you get comfortable; you can start more experiments; this will result in improvements.

Using the baitcaster:

Using the baitcaster comes with lots of experience and a certain level of confidence. As a newbie angler, who wishes to be more productive in his/her fishing endeavors, you don’t have to stick with the easy-to-use traditional spinning gear when you can have the more effective baitcaster.

Right now, imagine the baitcaster as the most user-friendly equipment you have ever came across. It all depends on your mindset. If your mind is already set that this fishing gear would turn out to be challenging to use, then, you’ll discover that it’ll eventually be difficult for you.

Of course, it’s no rumour that baitcaster is more complicated to use, compared to the spinning reels. But one of the numerous advantages the baitcaster has over the spinning reels is that they are very versatile. For instance, a typical traditional spinning reel may not be handy when bass fishing, but a bass fishing baitcaster will undoubtedly do the trick when bass fishing, compared to a traditional spinning reel. The technology of this fishing equipment enables them to make quicker casts.

With baitcasters, you’ll observe that your casting time will be increased, and you’ll reel in more fishes. You mostly see baitcasters being used by professional anglers because they have the required experience to wield this equipment. As a beginner, or a novice angler, you can as well learn how to use this equipment; it all boils down to your determination and how badly you need this knowledge. Baitcasters aren’t quite expensive as you would have imagined.

Good Baitcasters at an Affordable Price:

You can get good baitcasters at an affordable price, and there exist several effective baitcasting rods under $100. I have provided a great list of affordable baitcasters which in my opinion are the best. Check them out here.

Due to the plethora moving parts found on this baitcaster, e.g. hard-to-grasp parts like the tension knob and the braking system, most anglers, majorly beginners, always have problems using this equipment. Some anglers also have issues with backlash which happens when the spool of the baitcaster spins faster than the quantity of line that is being ejected, leading to a disordered mess of line “birdnesting” in your spool.

If you are looking at making a switch to a baitcaster, you may have some reservations, it’s not bad. Are the benefits of this fishing gear worth learning an entire new reeling system? Why do I keep on experiencing backlash and birdnesting? If I eventually can’t stop backlash and birdnesting, am I increasing my water coverage and casting efficiency? These are the valid questions, and truth be told, improper baitcasting will reduce your productivity. But, trust me, if you use this fishing gear effectively, it will undoubtedly boost your fishing game. That’s why I decide to create this guide. If you wish to enhance your angling abilities and prevent misuse, you should meticulously consider this guide.

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Why is Baitcaster Better Than Spinning?




Glaringly, reels have developed rapidly, but most of these gears still adopt similar simple designs, and they can be divided into two general categories; baitcasting and spinning. Why some state that baitcaster is better than spinning and is that the case as both gears have their drawbacks and advantages?

Advantages of a Baitcasters:

  • They have less line twist
  • Enhanced accuracy with a weighty lure
  • Enhanced efficiency and control compared to its counterpart; spinning reels
  • They come in a panoply of available gear ratios
  • They have higher line capacity compared to a spinning reel
  • They are more durable than the spinning reel
  • Baitcasters are the perfect option for heavier lines and lures
  • They also come with lighter reel weight

Newbie anglers often find spinning gear less challenging to use compared to the complicated baitcaster. For a beginner, learning how to fish with a spinning gear is quite painless and void of headaches caused as a result of backlashes. Therefore, most anglers adopt spinning reels as they begin their journey of learning how to fish.

Why is Baitcaster Better Than Spinning?

Judging from early observations, most anglers prefer to use spinning gears; even when it remains glaring that a baitcaster is much more effective than this fishing reel.

Learn more on how to use a baitcasting reel the right way.

Some anglers start with a spinning tackle but eventually end up getting accustomed to a baitcaster. In the fishing world of today, you tend to find out that experienced anglers often utilize baitcasters because their usage comes with a high level of experience and knowledge regarding this fishing tool.

Spinning Reels:

This gear is usually known for its user-friendliness. They are the perfect reel for beginners. All you have to do is flip the bail, place a finger on the line and cast, cover the bail, then flip the handle to reel it back in. That’s all! Yeah, it’s that easy compared to its counterpart. You have to ensure that you don’t hold the reel in an inverted way, it won’t work that way.

Spinners often come in handy when utilizing baits that are light such as plastics and live baits, because the farthest cast is limited by how hard you want to cast the bait. The lines eject effortlessly off with no drag limitation, allowing low-weight lures to be propelled far. These gears are also good because they aren’t prone to backlashing.

When to Use a Spinning Reel?

An important aspect when it boils down to selecting the ideal reel is making sure that you have the appropriate tool for the job. When making use of a line below 10 pounds, the spinning tool is the ideal option in this regard. It is advisable to make use of spinning reels when fishing with low-weight lures or lines, and for the perfect season.


Baitcasters, on the other hand, allows for casting lures such as spinner, jigs, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, with precise accuracy; but there exists a dialed-in drag resistance that requires an extreme skill set to be able to thumb the spool as the line ejects. If peradventure, you can’t locate that ideal spot of thumb pressure, you’ll undoubtedly experience a backlash.

Generally, you can propel a lure farther with the aid of a baitcaster, because the line comes directly from the spool and not in a circular manner like the spinning reel. The problem with this reel is that it takes some time to master. But once you have mastered this reel, you’ll be quite proficient at casting with it. Baitcasters comes in several varieties designed for a specific purpose. The bass fishing baitcaster, for example, is a baitcaster specifically designed for bass fishing. A spinning reel wouldn’t be so effective in this regard. There are also lots of affordable baitcasters out there for anglers who have a strict budget.

When to Use Baitcasting Reel?

Just like any other reel out there, these reels can be utilized for some specific purpose. For example, when making use of weighty lures and lines, this reel offers greater control and accuracy than other reels. In conditions where power is your utmost priority, as an ability to reduce the bait, this is attainable with a baitcaster. Most anglers adopt baitcaster because they relish the challenge of learning how to cast the line appropriately.

There exist a lucid difference between a baitcaster and a spinning reel; these fishing gears have their uses, where they best come in handy, their benefits, as well as their cons. Newbie anglers will claim that spinning reels are the best simply because they are user-friendly, and unlike its counterpart, the baitcaster, they aren’t susceptible to backlash. But professional anglers will, for the best reasons, acclaim that the baitcaster remains the best reel. I agree with the notion that baitcasters are for several reasons better than a spinning reel, and below are some reasons to validate my claim.

The baitcaster, though prone to an anglers nightmare, backlash, remains a better reel than the spinning reel. Amateur anglers are glad to utilize the spinning reel only because it suits them well, but this reel is limited. A baitcaster is ideal for anglers who want to reel in bigger fish. This type of reel boasts of more backbone compared to the spinning reel. The backbone of a baitcasting rod is regarded as the region of the blank closer to the handle that provides the least when twisted. Baitcasters are also better than spinning reels because they can allow for longer casts than spinning reels in similar size range. A little spinning reel comes with a smaller, narrower spool that has a difficult time with big diameter lines, while small baitcasters that come with these lines can offer extreme casting distance.

A baitcaster is in several ways better than a spinning reel, which is why you see that most professional anglers make use of this reel rather than the much easy-to-use counterpart.  Though a bit challenging to use, this fishing gear boasts of features capable of adding gloss to your fishing endeavor.

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