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Striped Bass

Are Striped Bass Good To Eat? (The delicious secret)




There is a long list of freshwater fish that are great to feast on. Walleye, perch, crappie, and catfish just to name a few. There are also many ways that you can prepare fresh caught (or store bought) striped bass; roast, grill, and bake are the most popular. Most anglers know the best fish to eat and the best ways to prepare them. What if you are not as experienced? Well, that is what I am here for.

Are striped bass good to eat? Striped bass, also known as striper or rockfish; are healthy, versatile, and delicious. You can cook them on the grill, in a skillet, in the oven, or even in the broiler. Striped bass is a meatier fish that has a natural sweetness and is flavorful. No matter how you choose to prepare your striped bass, it is going to be an amazing meal.

Let’s answer a few more of your questions about striped bass, preparing, and nutrition. Be prepared to want to go out and catch some striped bass for your next meal.

My son Sheldon and I with some Lake Striped Bass from Lake Mead, NV

Can You Eat Striped Bass?

Any fisherman who lives on the East Coast will tell you that striped bass is definitely one of the best fish to eat. It is, however, not an easy fish to clean. If you fail to handle the red meat, down the middle of the fish, properly; then the fish may end up with an oily texture, no matter how you prepare it. (that’s the secret! cut out the red line)

Is it OK to eat Striped Bass?

It is definitely OK to eat striped bass! Broiling a striper is one of the best ways to prepare them. When your broil a striped -bass you are retaining more of the flavor than cooking it in other ways. Butter, lemon juice, paprika, salt, and pepper are all you need. 180-200 degrees for ten minutes, flipping the fish over after five minutes. Voila! Enjoy your striped bass with some fresh steamed veggies, a salad, or whatever you choose.

Does Striped Bass Taste Good?

According to avid fishermen on the East coast, and me too, striped bass is one of the best fish to eat. They have a wonderful texture and are also meatier than some other fish. If prepared properly, striped bass tastes amazing. Set your striped bass fillets on a grilling plate, season them to taste, placing the grilling plate on the hot coals. Within just a few short minutes you will have some amazing tasting grilled striped bass. Serve with some grilled vegetables and an ice-cold drink, for the perfect healthy dinner.

Here is a recipe you will love!

Is Striped Bass a Healthy Fish to Eat?

There have been hundreds of studies, done at Universities all over the world, to determine the health benefits of eating fish. Yes, striped bass is a healthy fish to add to any dinner menu. They are good for your cardiovascular health, a great source of protein, and they provide Vitamin B12 and Iron. One serving of striped bass actually has more protein in it than three servings of most other fish. What do you say, shall we go fishing?

Are Lake Striped Bass Good to Eat?

Tender, white flesh; flaky when properly cooked, Lake striped bass is a wonderful meal to put on the dinner table IF you catch them in clean, clear water. If the bass is caught in muddy or stagnant water, they will have a muddy flavor. No amount of seasonings is going to cover up the muddy taste. Most anglers just throwback lake-striped bass. It is a general agreement that they are a lot more fun to catch than they are to eat.


Striped bass is a healthy, safe-to-eat fish. You can cook them in a variety of ways, with the seasonings of your choice, and they are going to come out absolutely amazing. There are a huge array of recipes all over the internet that you can try if you are new to cooking striped bass. Striped bass is found on the Atlantic Coast of North America and also many recreational fisheries all over the United States. If you are not one to go out and catch your dinner, but you love to eat fish, check your local grocery store or fish market for the freshest, best-striped bass in the area.

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Fishing Willow Beach – Catch Fish Near Las Vegas




Can You Fish at Willow Beach?

Willow Beach is a long-time classic fishing destination. It’s a part of Lake Mohave on the Colorado River. The black rock canyons are just below Hoover dam and are part of Lake Mead National Park. Its Cold waters are on the north of Lake Mohave.

I’m going to share stuff here that you won’t find anywhere else.

Back in the day, they used to catch huge
rainbow trout out of that little beach. I remember when I was a kid they had a café in by where the
store is. Other Species we caught were Carp, Catfish, and Bass.

Inside the café, we used to go there to eat breakfast in the mornings before we went
fishing or we would go fishing early and come to the café after a couple of hours of fishing.
Inside the café.

The walls were lined with hundreds of pictures of anglers with their catch. These
were all rainbow trout at the time and you had to have a trout over 5 pounds to get on the wall.

There were also taxidermy trout on the walls along with other wildlife that you can find in the
area. If I remember right there was a bighorn ram mount at the front entrance.

Later on, as I grew up in the 80s and 90s the decor changed a little bit. The trout pictures were still on the wall
but the trophy at the front of the store was in a case and it changed to a striped bass.

Around this time striped bass got out of Lake Mead into the river system. They had a heyday eating up

Because of that, they grew to enormous sizes. I can’t remember exactly but I seem to
recall a striped bass in the display case that was over 60 pounds if I remember right.

This place is the iconic big fish travel destination. There have been people coming here for decades to
catch big fish whether they be trout or striped bass.

I took a 100 person survey on facebook if people like bass fishing best or trout fishing best. Here’s the results.


Can You Swim at willow beach?

There is no swimming allowed at the marina but if you go outside the buoys you can swim. You should be warned that the water is ice cold year around though.

Do I need an Arizona fishing license to fish at Willow Beach?

There is a lot of confusion unless you already know about whether you need a license to fish at
Willow Beach or not.

First of all yes you do need a license to fish at Willow Beach. However, if
you have a Nevada license that will work as well.

It doesn’t matter if you are on a boat or on
the shore as long as you have a Nevada or an Arizona license you are good to go.

Do I need a stamp for Arizona or Nevada at Willow Beach?

The answer is
no. Some time ago they did away with the stamps. Now when you buy the license it is included
with the license if you get it in Nevada or Arizona does not matter.

Do I need a trout stamp at Willow Beach?

Again the answer is no. Back in the day you
used to have to buy a trout stamp but nowadays that is included with the license as well no
matter which state you come from Arizona or Nevada.

Photo Angler Place Date More Info
alt Darren Enns Willow Beach 04/10/2021 More Info
alt Victor Jr. Lake Mead 06/21/2021 More Info
alt Earl Rohn Willow Beach 06/15/2021 More Info
alt Martin McElroy Echo Bay 06/17/2021 More Info

Do I need a stamp for a second pole at Willow Beach?

Once again the answer to that is no. It is
included with the license and you can have up to two poles but a maximum number of three hooks
between the two poles.

So I usually fish one pole with one hook in the other pole with two
At the end of this article, I will give you a willow beach fishing Report for 2021

Can I catch striped bass at Willow Beach?

The answer is absolutely yes you can.

What are the
recommendations for catching striped bass?

Well you can do it similar to the way you do it in
Lake Mead- bait fishing with anchovies that are frozen.

Cut them in thirds and put them
on a standard worm hook. Use about 1 ounce of weight and toss them out there about as far as
you can get them.

If you are on a boat you can do the same thing or you can go upstream a ways and float down slowly with an anchovy on the hook slightly above the bottom.

recommended way to catch striped bass is using baits that mimic baitfish. Either a lure that
mimics a shad or one that mimics a trout or even bluegill.

These are terrific to use because
the bass and the striped bass love to eat these smaller fish, especially trout.

In case you did not know trout are stocked at Willow Beach every Friday. When this happens it’s like buffet time for
the striped bass. This would be a good time to throw out a swim bait that looks like a trout.

last but not least you can use live bait which you can get from my buddy mike

Can I catch trout at Willow Beach?

Again the answer to this is an astounding yes.

How do you catch trout at Willow Beach? I would suggest the old standby Berkeley power bait and fish
somewhere around the picnic area by the store or the fishing pier over by the hatchery.

Probably the best place to catch trout. Anywhere in between that is able to be official legally is
good as well. If you have a boat or kayak you can go up or downstream and fish The coves. The
trout like to hang out in there as well and you can catch some real big trout at Willow Beach.

Both of my sons have caught 5-pound trout there. In case you were wondering yes this was
recently it was 2020.

My son Lorin at Willow Beach – This Rainbow Trout was caught on a Berkley Mousetail

I know the best do you eat the trout but the hatchery also put out some
very large ones for the anglers to catch. You can also use lures like spinners for trout and even
jerk baits that are semi-small.

Another popular soft bait or mouse tails made by Berkley. Also,
regular old nightcrawlers are a great option. You can get them from my friend mike

Marshmallows are a good bait for trout as well. Some people use the garlic-flavored ones made
specifically for fishing but the little colorful marshmallows that you put in your hot cocoa do a
nice job too. (the garlic flavored ones give me bad breath)

Lastly, a super very good option is wax worms or mealworms that you can get at
the store at Willow Beach. Keep in mind Arizona time is different than Nevada time most of the
year and the store closes fairly early.

My Son Jerren. His Beautiful Rainbow trout was Caught on a nightcrawler available in LasVegas Here

What are some Willow Beach fishing tips?

The first tip I would give you is to try to fish in the off
hours to beat the crowds.

A lot of people go down to Willow Beach If you try to go during a holiday weekend you are
going to fight for elbow room. I would say if you go in the morning during the week that would be
a terrific time.

Ethan Enns fishing on the pier at Willow Beach during an off time when there are not too many crowds

It doesn’t matter if you are going just to kayak or if you are fishing, the middle of
the week is a good time.

Late in the evening is also a good time. Only the most diehard
fisherman are out there after about 10 PM so getting a spot is not so hard except maybe on the
weekends. They do have a very nice fishing pier at Willow Beach and it’s quite large but in the
late summer, there’s a lot of grass around the pier so it’s kind of difficult to fish.

If you are going to fish the pier in the late summer you are going to want some sort of gear that you can cast out
very far. This will get you out past the grass and give you a better chance of getting a striper.

Mouse tails and wax worms seem to do the best on trout if you can see them. Plop one of these
baits in front of them and you can usually get their attention with it especially the wax worms
and regular worms.

The best piece of advice I can give you if you want to catch trout is to go
there on Friday morning. Prepare for heavy traffic along the shore because a lot of people know
that the department of wildlife stocks Willow Beach at the ramp on Friday mornings at about eight.

Watch out for the no fishing signs. You need to stay in the designated fishing areas which are a
little ways away from the docs. If you are fishing for striped bass this is a good time too.
Because the stripers come in to eat the trout. Putting something out there that looks like a trout
is a good bet during this time.

A Colorado River Rainbow Trout caught off the fishing pier at Willow Beach south of Hoover Dam. Caught on Berkley Power Bait. Orange

Willow Beach trout stocking schedule 2021

All I can tell you is that they stock Willow Beach at about 8:00 AM every Friday morning. There
are occasions when that schedule is changed for example during Covid lockdowns they did not
stock for quite a long time.

There may be other reasons why they don’t stock for example if it is
a holiday. Other than that they are pretty regular about it.

Willow Beach Fishing Guides

There are fishing guides that will take you fishing at Willow Beach. The one I recommend is
Travis Pitt Bass Experience.

Tell him Darren from FishinMoney sent you.

Willow Beach Fishing Report 2021

It’s willow beach. itseveryones favorite place to go get skunked. However if you follow the tips I give in this article you can also hit one out of the park. Oh and if you land-a big one, make sure to stop at the Willow Beach General Store and put your name on the board! and Tell em FishinMoney sent Ya!

That’s my boy at the bottom Hey Who else shows you this stuff? That’s Right FishinMoney got your 6.

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Best Rod For Finesse Fishing



As a fisherman, if you have spent enough time in the hobby, then it wasn’t long before you realized that there are many more variations to fishing than what the beginner might notice. Indeed, there are many different ways to fish, including the utilization of many different baits.

Of course, most people simply just use live bait, but with all due respect, others realize there is a whole world of fishing that these individuals are missing out on. Indeed, there are fishing hobbyists who have worked for years perfecting different techniques to get finicky fish to come out of their shell and bite their bait.


This is especially true for bass, who is known for being one of the smarter varieties of fish. Of course, this is a good option for those who want a challenge. Moreover, one of the best ways to land this elusive bass would be through the discipline of finesse fishing.

Finesse Fishing Explained

What is finesse fishing, you ask? Well, it’s simply yet another method in the fisherman’s arsenal for coaxing out finicky fish. Of course, it takes some practice to get it right; it’s not something where you can go out immediately on the lake and do it absolutely right. Finesse fishing is all about attention to detail. It’s all about finding the correct placement for your bait and the correct location for your rod and reel. It is basically about finding a certain specific way to present your bait to the fish. Naturally, this method of fishing is very detail-oriented, and proponents of this fishing method are very careful about every item within their fishing equipment.

Of course, this all begs the question: which rod is best for this type of fishing? Well, that is definitely open to a lot of debate among finesse fishermen, so here is some extra information regarding the discipline of finesse fishing:

Finesse Fishing: A Brief Introduction

We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty here, but first things first: you have to understand what the word finesse means and what “finesse” means in relation to fishing in the first place. The word “finesse” is defined as “intricate and refined.” Thus, when it comes to fishing, this simply means that no detail is overlooked. Take a look at some of these extra considerations.

Finesse Fishing is More of a Small-Handed Fishing Version Rather Than a Heavy-Handed One.

What do we mean by that? Well, the best explanation is that finesse fishing for such species as bass will entail utilizing such equipment as a spinner with smaller action, a soft plastic that is much thinner than normal, and a spinning action with a subdued action that will still feature a good spinning gear.

This is in direct contract with the normal heavy bass fishing methods, which usually feature such things as a huge, bulky lure, a fast-moving production, and a bait casting operation with a lot of heavy action. This is all well and good, and it does catch a lot of bass throughout the year. However, these methods do not allow

for such things as the clear water, cold fronts, or the fishing pressure scaring the bass away. If you want to fish for bass all-year-round under most circumstances, you will need to have more than one fishing method in your arsenal. This is where finesse fishing methods come in.

Now that you’ve realized that finesse fishing DOES have a purpose, let’s have a look at some of the best rods for the practice:

So Just What Makes a Good Finesse Bass Fishing Rod Anyway?

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork for those who are beginners in finesse bass fishing, it’s time to discuss the importance of using the right rod for this type of fishing. Either way you slice it, selecting the best rod for finesse fishing is a topic all to itself, and there is naturally a lot of debate regarding which one is best.

The job of this blog entry is not to promote one rod over the other, but whichever brand you select, there are some must-have characteristics and attitudes you need in order for you to have the best finesse fishing experience:

When it comes to the bass fishing old-timers, take their views of finesse fishing rods with a grain of salt,

Chances are, anyone who has been bass fishing out on the lake for any length of time has either considered or went ahead and tried finesse bass fishing. This discipline is like everything else; some have tried it and liked it, but some have tried it and not cared for it.

Those who don’t care for finesse bass fishing will usually immediately criticize the rods that are used for the finesse strategy. Their complaints will usually go something like, “Well, these finesse bass fishing rods are good for nothing whippy spinning rods that only work part of the time. Seriously, you need to have a tight line paired with a tiny bait, or it’s nothing more than a piece of junk!”

Yes, they will get THAT adamant about it. However, this description isn’t necessarily true, and you owe it to yourself to decide on your own what you think about finesse spinning rods. Of course, this leads us to our next point.

Finesse bass fishing rods are actually quite versatile and durable.

Naturally, when it comes to finesse bass fishing rods, not all of them are created equal. When selecting the best finesse fishing rod, it will often boil down to four words: shock absorption and backbone.

That’s right: if you are looking for the best way to catch these stubborn basses out of season or in less-than-perfect weather, you need a rod that can withstand just how tough these little creatures can be!

The shock absorption on your finesse rod will allow you to withstand an incredible fight from even the most stubborn bass. Moreover, the shock absorption on a fishing line will also help you be able to land this bass without the hook being torn straight through the little one’s mouth entirely.

Naturally, it can be difficult to find a finesse fishing rod with the right shock absorption or backbone, but like everything else in life, it pays to read the fine print. Much like you read the small details on all your grocery store items in order to prevent an allergic reaction, you should do the same with your fishing rods to make sure they can handle a stubborn bass.

Finesse rods need to have the right configuration for your needs.

Along these same lines, you should go with a rod that is precisely calibrated for this bass fishing strategy. Many anglers have found success with a rod that has a 70/30 calibration.

That is, the rod will have a 70 percent backbone, which means that the rod will remain stiff and continue to hold up even under the immense pressure of even the strongest and most determined bass. Simply put, even though bass might appear to be small, there are some of these creatures that are so ripped that they have been known to break many different fishing rods.

This is why you want a rod that is 70 percent stiff, if just for the purpose of having the strength to control that fish in his watery domain. Moreover, you have to realize that you are trying to fish for these basses in the same place that you would normally cast a regular spinner or a jig.

Hence, yet another reason why you need a rod with at least a 70 percent stiffness. However, do be aware that even if you keep in mind getting a rod with this degree of stiffness, we still aren’t done yet.

That’s right: we also need a rod that has the 30 percent calibration as well. Having a rod with a 30 percent tip means that you are able to withstand a lot of shock to the bottom part of the rod that usually comes with casting all of these light lures. This also means that your rod will have the flexibility to keep the line strong even when you do encounter a stubborn fish.

Of course, there is no question that this rod is very versatile. However, there is definitely one small problem: if you aren’t an experienced angler, how can you tell if you are handling (or planning to buy) an appropriate 70/30 rod? Usually, a good rule of thumb is to simply just know how to properly handle the rod.

For starters, you should simply just test the model yourself. You would do this by holding the rod with your left hand, and then run your fingers along the handle by the reel seat. At the same time, you should also pull down on the rod tip with your right hand.

Watch carefully, seeing just where the tip begins to stop flexing. If you have an authentic 70/30 fishing rod, you will immediately notice that it stops flexing just about a third of the way down the shaft of the rod. The beauty of this method is that you can employ this practice with just about any rod you are considering buying in order to fully determine the true action of the piece.

While 70/30 is a good calibration to keep in mind for those just starting out in finesse fishing, this calibration is by no means the only model that you can use.

After you have gotten some practice with finesse fishing under your belt, you also could consider a 60/40 model, simply because many finesse fishermen do not like to stick with just one calibration. Additionally, some finesse guys like a 60/40 rod because it will usually hold up better for a litany of light wire fishing activities.

Many finesse fishermen also like this model because it is great for either split shotting, drop shotting, or any other occasion where you might be fishing with a smaller hook.

The length of your rod is important too.

Of course, you also should pay attention to the length of your finesse rod as well. Interestingly enough, there really isn’t any one length that will work best; it kind of depends on what goals you have in mind. For example, you might want a rod that is 6 1/2 feet if you are fishing in a tightly covered area or if you

are putting your bait out in an area that has a lot of debris, such as boulders, rocks, branches, or dock beams. Alternately, you might want to go with the slightly longer seven-foot finesse rod model if you intend to make longer casts out into the water.

A seven-footer is also good for finding the bigger fish that stay further out and might normally be more easily spooked.

Find your own “lingo” for what kind of finesse rod you are looking for.

When you are shopping for a finesse rod for the first couple of times, one of the things you immediately realize is that there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” description among rod and reel companies.

Simply put, it varies. Some companies will say their rod is “medium”, and that’s all well and good, but you could take that exact same rod to another company and they might classify it as “medium/heavy” or even “medium/light” with another company!

This is why it is so useful for you to simply go with the 70/30, 60/40, or 80/20 method. Yes, it might sound like you are talking about motor oil calibrations, but it’s a lot less confusing and much easier to get the rod you want that way.

Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Finally, there is no getting around the fact that you might need to go through some trial-and-error before you find the best rod for this type of fishing. This means being patient and trying out different rods until you find the one that is best for your own unique finesse fishing situation. Simply put, the best rod for finesse fishing is the one that fully meets your unique finesse angling expectations. There is no “one-size-fits-all” variety. Just try everything out until you find the right one for you.

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Fishing: Is It A Sport Or Simply Just A Hobby?




There is no question that fishing is something that has brought together literally millions, perhaps even billions, of people over the centuries. Many fond memories have been made between father and son, nephew and uncle, aunt and niece, and between childhood friends as well.

Indeed, in the 90’s country music video “Feed Jake” by Pirates of the Mississippi, there is a scene where two young boys are headed out to a lake with fishing poles in hand! However, much like this ancient pastime, the art of debating things seems to be a pastime that is old as society itself.

Of course, you might be asking, just what is there to debate when it comes to fishing? Well, as it turns out, actually plenty of things. One of the most pressing would be this question: is fishing considered a sport or simply just a hobby? Either way, it seems that everyone has an opinion on that age-old question.

Ethan Enns with a Striped Bass at Willow Beach Pier

Since a sport should include physical exertion and skill in order to compete against others or yourself, we can definitely say that “yes” Fishing is a sport.

When it comes to fully gauging whether fishing is a sport or not, there seems to be several camps. In one arena, we have what I call the “PETA camp”, and frankly, they are pretty adamant that no, it’s not a sport, because fishing is simply just a leisure activity that all individuals can do and requires no skill whatsoever, so how could it ever be a sport? (Hey, don’t flame me, I’m just telling you how they view it) In other words, they believe that fishing isn’t a sport simply because anybody can do it.  

Another camp agrees that yes, anybody can do fishing, but it still can be regarded as a competitive sport simply because it does require some degree of skill and, at the same time, it can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life regardless of age, sex, size, strength, or even disability. Either way, all it takes is a couple of hours worth of research before you realize that there is a litany of forums where some are adamant that it is a sport while other forums are just as adamant that it absolutely is not a sport whatsoever.

Author Darren Enns with a Bluegill at Veterans Memorial Park in Boulder City Nevada

Of course, things definitely get interesting when a venerable internet sports institution such as Bleacher Report weighs in on this topic. Interestingly enough, they seemed to take a rather wishy-washy approach to whether fishing can be considered a sport or not. One of the first things they did was ask themselves several questions regarding the status of whether fishing could be considered a sport:

Question: Does fishing require any sort of intense exercise or any special abilities?

Answer: At times, it sure does.

Question: Do you need some physical skills to do fishing in an effective manner?

Answer: Sometimes.

Question: Is fishing considered a competition?

Answer: In many instances, yes.

Darren Enns with a Spinnig Rod and Bluegill

Still, there are some people in yet another camp, and these individuals say that yes, fishing is indeed a sport, but only in the proper context. These individuals say that simply driving out on a frozen lake, drilling a hole, plugging in your generator, dropping your line, and enjoying some brewskis is not a sport, even if you occasionally get a tug on your line. The same goes for simply riding around on your motorboat and dragging a line here and there; in their eyes, it’s not a sport, even if the fisherman occasionally flexes his muscles to get a small catfish here and there. However, even in this case, there are some who would disagree.

Of course, there are some cases where you can definitely argue that fishing is a sport. In the case of hauling in a 50-pound bass in a bass fishing tournament, then yes, it is a sport. However, despite the fact that Bleacher Report seems to only feel it is a sport sometimes, many would argue that fishing is always a sport, and here are a few reasons why:

Both Anglers and Athletes Can Find a Lot of Common Ground

When most people think of athletics, they only think of those who can dribble a basketball, hit a baseball, throw a football, or bowl a 300 game. However, ask even the most junior fishing angler, and they will tell you that it takes an incredible amount of skill to be able to reel in even a catfish. All breeds of fish have a tendency to fight the line, and do you have the energy, stamina, and strength in order to properly haul it in? Fishing isn’t as easy as it seems, no, not at all. I mean, how

much literature has been written regarding how difficult it is to reel in a fish? Literally a whole library! The book “The Old Man and the Sea” is just the beginning. “Wicked Tuna” is one of many shows dedicated to the ancient discipline of fishing.

All of the above experiences are just in reference to your everyday, ordinary fisherman. What of the big-game fisherman? Trust me, those that go after that huge, giant fish are completely wiped out after fighting a fish that is on par with Andre the Giant in aquatic form. They may not show it when they pose with that catch for that picture, but that smile simply means that they are “tired, but happy.” These championship fishermen are every bit as tired as someone who has gone toe-to-toe with a heavyweight boxer or a rock-solid UFC fighter. Seriously, if you don’t think that it’s a workout to land a 50-pound tuna, then think again.

Like other athletes, anglers follow many strict personal regimens.

Fisherman Darren Enns go Knights Go

Additionally, you should be aware that if you talk to any angler out there, they will consider themselves to be an athlete even if no one else does. They will take their fishing discipline seriously, and they will have certain pillars in their lives that they will swear by for top-notch performance. Like other athletes, they will have certain training, diet, sleep, and studying regimens that they will follow religiously. They will always want to make sure that they get enough sleep, simply because they realize that they would have slower reflexes while on the boat the next day. Heaven forbid they miss some serious fish movement in the water below the boat simply because of sleep deprivation!

The experienced angler also realizes that they must have a balanced diet in order to function properly. Most anglers will have an arsenal of food choices to make sure they have all of the minerals they need for a day out on the water. Snacks such as eggs, bacon, coffee, and energy drinks have become a staple for many fishermen. Alternately, some anglers will go with granola bars or other healthy snacks. Still, other anglers will often swear by sunflower seeds, nuts, or beef jerky.

Either way, whatever habits an individual angler might have, they all have one common denominator: all of them have a drive to succeed, and they all realize that the only way to do this is through understanding the science of their fishing passion.

Fishing can improve your physical health.

If you approach it right, fishing can definitely improve your physical health, much like any other sport. Fishing will take a worn-out couch potato and give them something to do with their time that actually takes physical activity to pull off effectively. For one thing, you often will have to make your way through some rocky natural terrain to get to your fishing spot. Additionally, you will often have to find a location for building your fishing line, providing valuable muscular exercise. Casting and reeling on a repeated basis will help you work on your eye-hand coordination. Finally, the activity of fishing has been recognized as a low-stress way to work on your hands, forearms, wrists, biceps, shoulders, and triceps. Perhaps not surprisingly, there are many psychologists and counselors who recommend fishing activities for injured veterans as well!

Ethan Enns and Author Darren Enns Team FishinMoney

Like many other sports, fishing promotes your well-being in a variety of different areas.

It is actually a proven fact that angling is a very therapeutic thing for someone to do. Of course, there are many other sports that you can go with, and that’s your prerogative. However, many of these other sports are very tedious, and they can cause extreme stress, broken bones, or could even be life threatening. Continue to try these sports if that strikes your fancy, but all the while fishing is sitting on the sidelines, promising you a refuge from all of the stress of your hustling city life, and it’s even a sport that won’t pressure you, unlike bull riding or car racing, for example.

The best way to sum it up is that fishing will be a serene way for you to pass your time. You cast your line out on that lake and you get a well-deserved break from all of the stressors in your life. Of course, if you prefer running sprints in football, having a hockey puck flying at you in hockey, or diving for a line-drive in baseball that is up to you.

Considering all of the stressors regarding these other options, fishing would seem to be quite a bit more appealing to many other hobbyists.

Like other sports, you will learn discipline, perseverance, and leadership.

There is no question that sports teach us a lot about ourselves. We learn many essential leadership lessons from many of the most popular sports such as football, basketball, hockey, and track and field. However, you definitely shouldn’t leave fishing out of that loop. First of all, fishing still has a team element to it simply because you usually do it with other people. This is especially true in a fishing tournament as the amount of fish you catch is directly contingent to how well your fishing team does.

Of course, it’s a no-brainer that fishing teaches perseverance, simply because it takes a lot of practice and skill to land some of the largest fish on your targeted lake! Of course, it’s also a no-brainer that getting your children involved in fishing is more than letting them just play XBOX or Playstation all day long. However, even for adults, the sport of fishing will help you develop strength, flexibility, stamina, hand-eye coordination, and focus. These are not only skills that will help you in sports but also on the job and in society as well.

Moreover, these are skills that we learn just by being out on the water by ourselves. When we enter into a fishing competition, we actually have to step out of our comfort zone and that is when we experience all kinds of thrills, challenges, and we gain more understanding of our chosen sport. This is where team dynamics and sportsmanship come in for sure.

You will get a serious sense of accomplishment when you fish.

Finally, like any other normal sport, fishing will give you a sense of accomplishment. You definitely fish for different reasons, whether it be for combating stress, solitude, sanctuary, or even doing it competitively. However, whatever your main purpose might be, there is nothing like the feeling of satisfaction you receive when you feel that first tug on your fishing line. Your happiness and contentment is truly unparalleled.

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One of the best things about fishing is that it truly gives you a sense of belonging within the world. Fishing is one of those pastimes where you can get out in nature and experience much more than just the water and your rod and reel. You also see how the birds interact with the water and how the wind blows across the lake. You are at peace with the world.

Part of the reason for this would have to be because fishing is not just a sport, but it is also a way to stay in tune with our ancient, primeval ancestors. You see, fishing is actually one of the oldest sports in the world because it hearkens back to when we were just a hunter-gatherer type of society. Considering that fishing teaches you so much about your world and society at large, don’t let anyone tell you that it isn’t a sport. It truly is, because even if you aren’t entering into tournaments, you are still competing with the fish and within your own records as well. It’s time to enjoy the oldest sport in the world!

Bluegill Story

Story: I took my son to Veterans Memorial Park in Boulder city Nevada where we fished for bluegill. In the morning up until about 11 AM we had no luck but we were using tiny worms and we were not fishing in a very good location at the pond. We left the pond to go get some lunch and while we were out we picked up some fat juicy nightcrawlers. When we return to the pond there was a spot open that looked like a better place. My son and I took that spot and we were using about 1/3 to 1/4 of a worm on a tiny hook. In the next two or three hours we each carton bluegill and as a bonus I caught one turtle of course sweetheart everything go as we like to practice catch and release if we can. We had a great time and we knocked em dead on the bluegill.

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